More good news! The Royal Oak Community Pub is successfully running and we now only have 336 shares for you to purchase. This could not have been possible without the support of those of you who purchased shares to the value of £283,200. 

Recently purchases of shares have been made by existing shareholders who have seen the success of the pub and are taking advantage of the remaining tax relief
Our initial aim, in December 2018, was to sell 6000 shares raising £300,000 towards the refurbishment. We are close to the target we set ourselves and need your help to achieve our goal.
We are now looking to sell the remaining 336 shares and give you the opportunity to become part of this wonderful community asset. The added advantage is that you will be eligible for 30% TAX back from HMRC on your investment. Something to consider?


We are also working towards issuing a loyalty card for shareholders to accumulate points towards rewards such as bottle of wine or maybe a free meal and of course all shareholders are automatically entitled to a free drink on their birthday!

Please download, complete and return the application form. Return address and our bank details are shown on the application form.

Share Information

  • Shares will be £50.00 each with a minimum purchase of 5 Shares.

  • Maximum purchase 100 Shares.

  • Each Shareholder will only have ONE VOTE                                                                                                 

  • The initial issue will consist of 6000 shares

  • Interest of 3% pr annum may be paid on Share Capital subject to the decision of the Management Committee.​


  • Under the HMRC regulations, aimed at increasing investment in small companies, we have Advance Assurance that investors in Collingham Community Pub Ltd would be eligible for Tax Relief under EIS ( Enterprise Investment Scheme).

  • This means there will be Tax Relief available for investors of 50% on the first £150,000 invested and 30% on any subsequent investment.

  • CCPL will be able to complete the Tax Relief application once we have been trading for 4 Months and will then provide the necessary documentation to Shareholders.

  • Your investment will be IHT and CGT Free after 2 years. Any dividends are tax free and in the event of failure your investment is treated as a Capitol loss for CGT purposes. 

  • The Committee reserve the right to reject, amend or allocate any application for shares.

  • Subject to the terms and conditions of HMRC.

  • Further Guidance can be obtained from.


  • This very generous support by the government to investors in small start-up businesses recognises the risk involved. We hope that this will encourage strong interest in supporting the share issue

  • The above will apply to ALL UK Tax Payers.

  • The more shares you buy the larger the Potential Tax Relief.

  • You should be aware that the money you invest will be at risk.

  • If you have any doubts you should seek Financial Advice.​

  • All share transaction are subject to the adopted rules of the Society.

  • If you need more detailed information before making a commitment 

If you would like to see the full share offer information you can download it here.
Please download, complete and return the application form. Return address and our bank details are shown on the application form.

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