We have completely sold out!

Our initial aim, in December 2018 was to offer 6000 shares raising £300,000 towards the refurbishment  of the Royal Oak. The fantastic news is all of these shares have been taken and we have been able to rebuild, refurbish and reopen the pub as planned. Then to comply with the government directive to close pubs and restaurants we have had to furlough staff and mothball the pub. Sadly it was the only option available to us as we do not have any cash reserves to risk making losses and experiment with any other type of trading. We have had to preserve the little cash that we have. The closure is draining that cash each month and we do not know when we can reopen but we are determined to be in a position to reopen and to be able to fund the impact any social distancing measures may place upon the business. 


This supplementary share offer has been brought forward due to the Covid-19 virus pandemic which has forced the closure of all pubs & restaurants. The funds generated will greatly assist the reopening of the Royal Oak when government restrictions are lifted.


Collingham Community Pub Limited has furloughed Royal Oak staff and reduced all fixed cost payments and deferred certain payments but in mothballing the pub we still have a drain on our limited cash reserves. We need to take action now to build up cashflow to repay deferred payments and restock for what will be left of the main summer season.


We are determined to reopen and provide whatever level of service the community needs once the government restrictions are lifted. We are in a very good position to be able to practice social distancing having the restaurant, function room and garden space available. We do not know how and when everyone will want to get out once again and enjoy the good company and good hospitality we all experienced last year.




We opened on Friday 9th August 2019

We have a successful and busy bar and restaurant

The function room and gardens have been great for various community events

Our sales are well ahead of budget

Our trading costs are under control

Our hospitality team are gaining an excellent reputation for the quality of their food and service



Shares purchased under this offer will be attract tax relief of 30% under the Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS). For those eligible an investment of £1000 will only cost £700 subject to HMRC qualifying rules).


It is important that you read the Share Prospectus along with the related Business Plan and Society Rules that can be downloaded from the website

Please download, complete and return the application form. Return address and our bank details are shown on the application form.

Share Information

  • Shares will be £50.00 each with a minimum purchase of 5 Shares.

  • Each Shareholder will only have ONE VOTE                                                                                                 

  • The Supplementary Share offer will consist of 2000 shares

  • Interest of 3% pr annum may be paid on Share Capital subject to the decision of the Management Committee​.

  • Under the HMRC regulations, aimed at increasing investment in small companies, this investment would be attract a 30% Tax Relief under the HMRC Enterprise Investment Scheme (Subject to HMRC qualifying rules)f

  • Your investment will be IHT and CGT Free after 2 years. Any dividends are tax free and in the event of failure your investment is treated as a Capita loss for CGT purposes. 

  • The Committee reserve the right to reject, amend or allocate any application for shares.

  • Subject to the terms and conditions of HMRC.

  • Further Guidance can be obtained from.


  • This very generous support by the government to investors in small start-up businesses recognises the risk involved. We hope that this will encourage strong interest in supporting the share issue

  • The above will apply to ALL UK Tax Payers.

  • The more shares you buy the larger the Potential Tax Relief.

  • You should be aware that the money you invest will be at risk.

  • If you have any doubts you should seek Financial Advice.​​

  • All share transactions are subject to the adopted rules of the Society.

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